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National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)

Ok, it's overly better than National Treasure. Ok, it's even better in the details than National Treasure.
But, you know something - deep down inside lurks the sound of the same old song. And pleeeease don't feed me with the usual "movies are all about entertainment not politics, religion or philosophy" stuff. Even pure and unconditional entertainment is a policy of its own. You know it. I know it. There's no secret in this action-boogie-bookie. Only artistically venomous pages.
Another "National Trashure" as far as I'm concerned.

P.S. Especially in this one, I would have preferred Freddy Kruger to Diane Kruger: he is less cold, more lethal action oriented and certainly succeeds better in motivating you to stay awake – at all costs – till the end of the film!


National Treasure (2004)

Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" major worldwide success in 2004 swept a great deal of rusted & rotten ideas away from the minds of a great number of people, bringing on the usual churchly menace and controversy. Once more, riddles, ancient mysteries, conspiracies, codes and the works, became a trend. Everyone wants to turn from Yellow to Brown.
Then, just after a year, this full-of-crap-pseudo-Indiana-Jones-PG-blockbuster-my-ass, comes from nowhere to "go with the flow", to take advantage of a solid & consistent book storyline and healthy speculation and – of course – to bed down at ease the public's aroused conciousness and intellect. Why every time? Oh, was anybody stressed ye mighty shepherds?? Anyway, the outcome is a ridiculus sewing of truth, lies, history, deception and some "wanna be smart, thrilling & complex" plot twists. Prestigious, well-paid and even good actors won't make us fall for this sly shit!
Beware of the "treasure" buried under political pressure.