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National Treasure (2004)

Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" major worldwide success in 2004 swept a great deal of rusted & rotten ideas away from the minds of a great number of people, bringing on the usual churchly menace and controversy. Once more, riddles, ancient mysteries, conspiracies, codes and the works, became a trend. Everyone wants to turn from Yellow to Brown.
Then, just after a year, this full-of-crap-pseudo-Indiana-Jones-PG-blockbuster-my-ass, comes from nowhere to "go with the flow", to take advantage of a solid & consistent book storyline and healthy speculation and – of course – to bed down at ease the public's aroused conciousness and intellect. Why every time? Oh, was anybody stressed ye mighty shepherds?? Anyway, the outcome is a ridiculus sewing of truth, lies, history, deception and some "wanna be smart, thrilling & complex" plot twists. Prestigious, well-paid and even good actors won't make us fall for this sly shit!
Beware of the "treasure" buried under political pressure.

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zoo said...

Cage - the name tha guarantees failure of blockbuster proportions :p