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Catwoman (2004)

This movie is so rightfully bad that we don't even have to compare Halle Berry with the catwoman archetype Michelle Pfeifer to make a point.
Bloopy and unbalanced action that doesn't succeed in making a climax worth watching, totally out of place hip-hop aesthetics because some assholes think that every movie with black people got to have such, three writers for a story that could have been easily written by a ten year old taking a morning crap, evil-bad acting throughout the whole movie from every living soul having a part, a monument of plastic surgery called Sharon Stone way beyond the end of her career and CGI of a third class video game that no one ever bothered to play. Batman would have commited suicide if he had watched this one, but he has a couple of his own reasons to worry about - both directed by Schumacher.
This time, curiosity won't kill the cat, but it will certainly kill the viewer's good taste.

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