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Step Brothers (2008)

I loved you Will. I really did. After your animalistic part in Zoolander. After your absolutely first class hilarious report in Anchorman. The comedy blast Talladega Nights, with that other hill-billy guy that I never remember his name, still drives me crazy with laughter. Blades of Glory cut sharp into boredom and demureness. Even the Napoleonic Mormon Moron looked ok by your side. And your cameo appearance in that Wedding Crashers? Almost cult classic. So, what was that all about Will? Shoddy dialogue? Gags-rags?? Cheap tricks to force a cheap smile on my face??? Or just an unfortunate act of overacting???? You were a beacon of inappropriate, vulgar, childish light. You were a shining example of creative ridicule. You were Tom Burgundy. Ricky Bobby. Stuff of legend. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE - JIM CARREY??? F*ck you Will. F*ck you and then some. Try to be the real deal next time.
Shake & Fake.

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