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The Wicker Man (2006)

Hey boys! Did you see what happens when women take the upper hand? When the feminine element comes to power? When those "evil, pagan, goatish" nature lovers go unchecked? When we turn away from the "true" God, to the "false Great Mother Nature cults"? Wiiicked cinema that is! So, go to church, believe in lies and be in heaven's improbable guest list. Not even close to a decent thriller, another sly "meta-Da Vinci Code" bullshit with Someone-please-put-Nickey-in-a-Cage, acting a lot worse than in National Treasure disasters, obviously because he wasn't drunk as in Leaving Las Vegas. Once more, pure, simplistic propaganda which spreads fear and superstition through bad acting and boring direction. We 're not in 500 AD guys -> You gotta try harder!

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